Couple wearing masks on a date
Image credits: @cottonbro


There is no denying that 2020 changed dating as we know it. We’re well into 2021 and the impact of COVID-19 simply can’t be understated. As the world changed, we turned to our apps and webcams for dating. Activity on dating apps surged anywhere from 70% to 700% . Yes, 700%, that isn’t a typo! Being locked down made us turn to apps and find people to basically go on blind dates with. I mean, we _kinda _knew what they looked like, but with all the filters people use who you see on Tinder/Bumble/OkCupid/etc. can be immensely different from who you meet in person. We also turned to friends and family to set us up, no longer able to go out to bars, clubs, or gyms to meet and mingle.

Webcams saw a big boost in usage too, with camming becoming even more popular as a great way to meet new people and satisfy sexual urges safely. The World is slowly starting to open up as we all get vaccinated, but the predictions at the start of the pandemic have held true , dating as we know it has changed forever. We’re all doing blind dates and webcam dates now, in other words. What are the benefits and downsides of each of them and which should you maybe do this weekend? Let’s give them both a look!


You find someone randomly online and chat a bit then meet, or friends and family set you up to meet. Whatever the case, you’re going in completely or mostly, “Blind,” hence the term.


*Friends and family know us well and (hopefully) can pick someone we’ll like.

We don’t always know what’s best for ourselves, but those who are close with us might be able to accurately gauge exactly what kind of date we need.

*You have little-to-no-expectations.

When we date someone we already know moderately well that brings certain expectations for better or worse. If it is a total stranger we’re meeting (or someone we just briefly saw online) we don’t have any preconceived notions about them.

*It can be new and exciting doing something a bit risky.

Going on a blind date is a little risky and a little scary. That can be fun! Metaphorically diving into the unknown can be a bit of a thrill.


*It can be awkward at best or dangerous at worst.

You meet this new person and you have nothing to talk about, or disagree about everything? That’s awkward. Plus, this is a stranger and that brings with it some danger–it is always wise to meet in a public place for your own safety if the date takes a sour turn.

*You can’t easily leave if it’s going badly.

Suppose the date is going horribly? Well, generally you can’t just, “Peace out,” in the middle of dinner. You maybe could, but if this is someone family or friends set you up with, that’ll look really bad in their eyes. If it is someone you met in an app it is a bit easier to ditch a terrible date, but expect a lot of angry messages and it’s bad form to leave someone you abandon to pick-up the bill. If a blind date goes poorly, you’re basically trapped to the bitter end.

*It may not end how you hope.

A blind date may go pretty well or even fantastically, but perhaps as it nears its end you realize you both expected something different for the night’s conclusion. One person may be expecting a date to end with sex while the other wants the most penetrative thing to be a kiss on the cheek. As consent is always key, if you’re hoping for more but they just want to hug and call it a night, that’s how the date will end. It’s incredibly important to respect someone’s boundaries, but that doesn’t change it’s a bummer when you go home horny.


You log onto your favorite webcam site, find someone who looks promising, and start chatting. Things don’t have to get sexual, but oftentimes they might–so goes webcam dates!


*You know exactly what you’re getting.

With a blind date you have maybe a minimal clue who you’re going to meet, but its vague at best. If you’re going on a webcam date you see them, right there, ready to bare it all metaphorically and literally.

*If it’s going poorly, you can take off with ease.

Should you be chatting with someone for a webcam date it can be a lovely time or maybe take a terrible turn, you never know. What you do know is that if things go South (in a bad way, not a good way) then you can just immediately dip out without even having to state an excuse.

*It can almost always end how you hope.

When you’re on a webcam date the girl or guy you’re talking to is generally guaranteed to be as eager to get raunchy as you if that’s what’s desired. When you start a webcam date, you can usually eagerly expect how it may end!


*You don’t go out.

This may actually be a pro for some people, but is a con for some. Sometimes we like going out and doing something fun on a date. You can’t do ax throwing or eat at a restaurant on a webcam date, which can be a bummer if you like being out and about. Should you prefer staying-in however, consider this another pro!

*You may not want to tell friends and family about this date.

While some of us are very open about our dating and sex lives, others may be a bit more secretive when it comes to their webcam dating habits. Sometimes part of the fun of going on dates is telling our friends and family how it went. If you’re a little too shy for discussing webcam dates this may feel a little like a bummer.

*Nobody stays over.

Again, this might be a pro for some people and a con for others! Usually, if a blind date ends very well, someone ends up spending the night. This can be fun as you hang-out and relax together after the date’s, “Fireworks,” so-to-speak. It can also be a bit awkward and uncomfortable too, however–especially if they hog the bed. When you do a webcam date, at the end of the date, you’re done and can shut the webcam down. Should you want overnight company, this is a bit of a con.


At the end of the day, it is your own personal decision whether you choose to engage in a blind date or webcam date. That said, webcam dates clearly bring a bit less stress and risk! Hopefully, whatever kind of date you go on is a good one, no matter what kind it is.