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Top 5 Live Sex Cam DEALS

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Bongacams deals:

Cam deal 1: Get 100 Free Tokens On mobile device

Bongacams adult cam deal 1
100 free tokens at Bongacams

instructions to claim this offer:

Step 1: Enter Bongacams here and create your free account;

Step 2: Log in to Bongacams on your Phone or Tablet (important);

Step 3: Top up your account with any amount of tokens;

Step 4: Spend tokens using your Mobile device and get the same amount back to your account! Up to 100 tokens.

Please note: Tokens that were purchased using the mobile device the first time must be spent during the next 7 days in order to claim this offer.

Cam deal 2: Get 50% off your purchase.

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Top 10 Sexy Phrases To Turn a Cam Girl On

Words Have Power

Sexy whisper

One of the most powerful tools we have as humans are our words. A compliment can brighten someone’s day, an insult can ruin it, and a sexy phrase can get us in the mood better than almost anything else. When you’re talking with a cam girl you might be a bit nervous or unsure what to say to assist with setting a good and raunchy mood. Don’t fret, however! Here are 10 sexy phrases that are sure to help turn a girl on, organized from innocent, to suggestive, to outright dirty.

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The ultimate guide on becoming a cam girl in 2020

Cam girl face covered with money bills
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Considering a career in camming? this is the guide for you!

If you have ever heard about successful cam girls who easily earn $10,000 – $15,000+ a month just from tips alone and you have ever thought about becoming one of them, but have wondered, “Where do I even start?” then you’ve come to the perfect guide! This extensive guide breaks-down what you need to do and consider before starting to perform online, how to get ready to start performing, what your first live session may be like, and key things to remember as you start your new business.

This guide strives to be the ultimate one in 2020 and to not only help you get started but serve a reference while you get your footing in this exciting and profitable field. Read on below and watch as you go from being in the dark to feeling like a pro!

Things to do and consider before starting live shows:

Before you even start buying what is needed for webcam chat, you need to do the smart thing a person does before embarking on any new career–engage in research! There are a number of things that a wise to do and think about before you start streaming your shows, and the most important steps will be listed now!

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Young couple having sex
Young couple having sex. Source: Shutterstock


We are currently living through unprecedented times. COVID-19 has billions of us stuck in our homes, and we might be safe physically that way, but we are going stir-crazy. Getting on live adult cams can help to reduce the stress of the pandemic and assist us in surviving this crazy era. In this article we have compiled 7 basic tips for surviving the pandemic with the help of adult video chat.

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