Words Have Power

Sexy whisper

One of the most powerful tools we have as humans are our words. A compliment can brighten someone’s day, an insult can ruin it, and a sexy phrase can get us in the mood better than almost anything else. When you’re talking with a cam girl you might be a bit nervous or unsure what to say to assist with setting a good and raunchy mood. Don’t fret, however! Here are 10 sexy phrases that are sure to help turn a girl on, organized from innocent, to suggestive, to outright dirty.

Innocent Sexy Phrases

1. You Have Beautiful Eyes

The old saying goes that the eyes are the window to the soul. With that in mind, eye contact is very important when you’re conversing with someone, and before anybody gets naked you’re usually staring at each other’s faces before your genitals. Remarking how beautiful someone’s eyes are may seem cliche, but sometimes the truth is a little hokey!

2. I Like Your Voice

In order to talk dirty you have to–you know–talk! Much has been written about how people sometimes are overly critical about their voice, so it is often a feature people dislike about themselves. By telling a cam girl she has a beautiful voice you’re telling her it isn’t just her body you’re lusting after, it is all of her, including that voice which will hopefully soon be moaning in pleasure!

3. I’m Happy We Have This Time Together, I Really Value it

We as human beings crave recognition. We want to matter, we want to belong. By telling a cam model you are happy you have some time to spend with her and value the time she is giving you that reinforces how you consider her important and recognize her time is valuable. This makes her feel appreciated and when someone feels appreciated they like to express it–perhaps by getting nude!

Suggestive Sexy Phrases

1. I Want You So Bad

It’s simple, direct, and makes it clear you’re turned-on without outright saying anything too dirty. She’s sexy, and you desire her. According to Psychology Today, one of the main ways to activate a female’s sex-drive is for them to feel desired. Basically, if you tell them how badly you want them, they’ll want you too!

2. Would you do a striptease for me/Can I do a striptease for you?

Anticipation is a powerful thing, and when you’re stripping your clothes off or watching someone else get naked it can be an extremely erotic experience. By kicking things off with a striptease you perform for the cam girl or she does for you that gets everyone quite eager for the really dirty fun to begin!

3. You’re My Fantasy

To go back to the subject of wanting to be desired, we all have fantasies. We imagine the perfect person who looks just how we want in order for us to get really aroused. By telling a performer she fits the bill of everything you desire that is a huge compliment and a big turn-on.

Raunchy Sexy Phrases

1. I Want You To Cum For Me

When you tell a cam model you want her to cum for you, you’re saying you value her pleasure and want her to have a good time too. This can really turn a woman on and push her over the edge into an orgasm while she’s masturbating or using a toy. Then she’ll want to make sure you get off next!

2. Your Pussy is Gorgeous

This phrase not only is dirty (who doesn’t love the word, “Pussy,” after all?) it actually serves to reinforce a positive body-image message. A lot of articles have been written about how women sometimes doubt just how good-looking their genitals are. By telling a woman her vagina is incredible your helping to let her know you love those labia, hairs, and everything else women sometimes get in their head about.

3. Tell Me How Wet You Are

This sexy phrase keeps the focus on the woman and her pleasure. You’re telling the webcam model you want to be sure she’s turned-on and when she describes how wet she is you can always ask how you can get her even more soaked.

4. I Wish I Could Lick That Pussy

Oral sex is done regularly by more than half the populace of America, with the rate higher in some countries and lower in others, but generally, it is a pretty regular thing. People love talking about having oral sex and just bringing it up can get us extremely hot and bothered. When you talk about how badly you want to lick a cam girl’s pussy or how much you’d like her to suck your cock, it usually is a fantastic way to get your motors running–so to speak.

Don’t Hesitate to Try Other Phrases!

These sexy phrases are just a sample to help you get started. Don’t feel like you have to say all or even any of these. If instead, you want to casually ask a cam model or any other girl about what her favorite fantasy is, or want to simply know her favorite color, go for it! Whatever helps get you and the girl relaxed and horny is the perfect thing to say. Should you need an idea, however, don’t be shy to use this list!