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What You Need to Know About the Big, “O.”

The female orgasm can seem intimidating, but as long as you know some key points about it you’ll find it quite demystified. There are lots of things men THINK they know about women and orgasms, but oftentimes misinformation is treated as fact (she most likely won’t get off from sex alone), and myths always persist (your penis size matters very little in regards to her orgasm). These 5 facts about the female orgasm are all backed by research and should be known by all men (or other women) who want to get a lady off. Read on for advice that should make giving your woman pleasure less worrisome and more-so something you’re excited to do!

1. It Takes Women Longer Than Men to Get Off

The clitoris is an amazing thing. It is the only part of a woman that is proven to serve no purpose other than getting her off. It doesn’t do anything besides making a woman feel good. The only part of the body designed solely for pleasure, and it deserves to feel good! A cluster of nerves that too many men ignore, the clit is generally how you get a woman off. Many men do know this, but what they don’t know is when you are stimulating a woman’s clit, it is most likely going to take her longer to orgasm than you. What’s the average? Most studies as well as anecdotes will tell you 20 minutes.

Now, some women may have a hair-trigger and get off in 30 seconds, others may be self-conscious because they feel it takes them, “Forever,” to get off. As with all things, it can vary, but in general, she’ll need more time to reach her destination than you will (the destination is an orgasm, in case this metaphor didn’t make that clear). Keep this in mind as if you get impatient with your lady that can cause her to get in her own head and make cumming even harder. It’s one of those things where if you think about it too much, you just struggle more. Instead, just take things at a good pace, don’t rush her, and there will be an orgasm in due time, and the wait will be worth it!

2. Most Women Do Not Orgasm From Intercourse Alone

The clitoris being stimulated is the main way most women orgasm (although we’ll touch on the G-spot in a moment), and intercourse doesn’t really directly stimulate the clit. By putting that two-and-two together it is evident that most women do not orgasm solely from intercourse. Sex with some clit-touching or a toy being incorporate? Sure! Solely penetrating a woman, however? Most likely not going to do it. Now, 25% of women can get-off during intercourse with ease, but that’s only 1-in-4. Vaginal orgasms are just not that common. Before you ask (if you’re worried), your penis size does not really matter in regards to orgasms regarding the clit, they just have a minor impact on the G-spot, which we’ll now discuss!

3. Don’t Forget the G-Spot (If Relevant)

The G-spot’s full name is actually, “Gräfenberg spot”, and it isn’t its own thing so much as connected to the clit’s nerve network. It is inside the vagina, however, and is a little nub that can be triggered with a, “Come here,” motion or a penis rubbing it inside a woman and provider her with an orgasm or even trigger female ejaculation AKA, “Squirting.” Some women love their G-spot touched and it can trigger those famously elusive vaginal orgasms in some of them. That said, some ladies really do not care for their G-spot being rubbed and others report not even really thinking they have one. It’s a mysterious thing, varying woman-by-woman. Should your lady have a G-spot she likes rubbed, give it attention. If she lacks it, however, then don’t stress about it.

4. Foreplay Isn’t a Chore, It’s Important!

Yes, you want to have penetrative sex with your female partner. You want that dick in her pussy, to put it bluntly. As the first three points made clear, however, that most likely ain’t going to do the trick for her if you go straight from undressing to having sex. There is that little thing called, “Foreplay,” that too many men seem to rush through or outright skip. Without foreplay, however, the odds of your partner getting off are basically zilch. Foreplay makes sex itself more pleasurable for a woman and can get her motor running enough that if she is one of those women who get off from intercourse, she’ll do so–or even if she isn’t, she’ll be stimulated enough that just a little attention to the clit will spark fireworks.

5. Remember, Ask Her What She Likes!

You’ve maybe tried to get her off in a variety of ways. You’ve whipped-out the toys, used your tongue till it’s all twisted-up and sore. Does nothing seem to be working? Well, did you ask her what she likes? Yes, this is the last and arguably most important tip. Ask your lady what she likes; it’s basically a surefire way to turn her on because she’ll be pleased you asked, and then she’ll tell you! Open and honest communication is important in all aspects of your relationship, from finances to spending time together, so don’t skimp on the discussion in the bedroom! Ask her what she wants you to do, then do it till she’s screaming with pleasure! It sounds simple, but so many people don’t just ask what their partner likes. Therefore, just ask!

Use What You’ve Learned!

Now that you have read these five facts you should be quite well-versed in the female orgasm (or if you already knew some of this info, have a nicely refreshed memory). Just remember that all the knowledge in the World is useless if you don’t actually utilize it! Keep in mind these facts when you’re getting intimate, however, and you should be well on your way to giving your partner an orgasm she won’t soon forget!